Circuit Breakers for the Xbox One and the PS4/PS4 Pro – Arriving in Early 2017 (Video)

Having released to critical and community acclaim on PC, the hectic twin-stick shooter Circuit Breakers is now heading to Xbox OneTM and PS4TM in early 2017. With seven playable characters, all with their own unique weapons, players will be spoilt for choice. While playing

Circuit Breakers in single-player is a perfectly valid option, the game’s roster of modes can all be enjoyed in local co-op.
Arcade Mode is suitably named, having been designed like a retro arcade game, allowing players to blast through as many levels as possible before they die and are reset. These levels are selected at random from a massive pool of unique environments. Score Attack mode puts the player in various scenarios, and challenges them to complete the levels as quickly as possible. To add to the already deep gameplay experience, Circuit Breakers features the Challenge Board, with a wealth of enticing goals in which to reach.

Circuit Breakers is One of the Only Six-Player Local Multiplayer Games to Grace Current-Gen Consoles

The Xbox OneTM version of Circuit Breakers will allow for up to six player local co-operative action, making it one of the most frenetic couch experiences to hit current-generation consoles. Invite a few friends round, boot up with your preferred characters and weapons, and you have yourselves an intense combination of flamethrowers, shotguns and lasers. PS4TM players can enjoy Circuit Breakers in up to four-player local co-op.