Citizen-X:ZEITGEIST blasts onto Google Play (Video)

Fight evildoers and save the world from conspiracies in Kelavision Studios’ debut title! Blasting onto Google Play, Citizen-X: ZEITGEIST offers GTA-style 3D gameplay to decimate rogue elements in the government planning to depopulate America with an army of cloned agents. Fight against GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, radiation from Fukushima, H.A.A.R.P., Zika, Ebola, Cancer in the 1st conspiracy theory game on mobile devices ! Spurred on by the popularity of television shows like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and the latest X-Files revival, Kelavision Studios developed Citizen-X: ZEITGEIST to satisfy a public that is thirsty to fight for good over evil and expose conspiracies.

Citizen-X is MAD AS HELL and he’s NOT going to take it anymore!!

✔X-Files Meets GTA – The World’s 1st Real Conspiracy Game ✔Awesome Action-Packed 1st & 3rd-Person Shooter
✔30 Levels – (So, You Can Fight The Good Fight All Night)
✔10 Weapons ; crazy Gadgets, Including a Jetpack ✔In-Game Store – (Full Of Goodies For All The Cash You’ll Earn Saving The World) ✔Drive-able Vehicles ✔Destructible Environment – (So, Bring Down The House For More Points) ✔Blast Away Endless Hordes Of Conspirators & Clones In game, players fight as Leon Brothaman (Citizen-X), thrown into the middle of a secret rogue government operation, pitted against mercenaries to uncover sinister plots and rescue the world from total domination.