Cliff Hopper is now available on mobile platforms (Video)

Mana Cube is pleased to announce that Cliff Hopper is now available worldwide as a free download on mobile platforms. For its release, the game is part of the starting roster of titles featured in the new Indie Games section on the Apple App Store.

“We’re blown away by this inflow of tens of thousands of new players in just a few hours”, said Philippe Desgranges, CEO of Mana Cube. “This new permanent section on the App Store is an amazing opportunity for indie developers. Once again, it highlights Apple’s commitment to excellence in design and innovation. Providing such a platform for diversity and radical experiences is exactly what game creators need at the moment”

Cliff Hopper takes the beloved boulder chase scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and turns it into a mobile game. It is a fresh brand of one-button runner game, introducing a new gameplay: tap to turn at every corner, tap to jump above an obstacle, double tap to double jump. Players are challenged to reach the highest score they can while dodging obstacles in their path and being chased constantly by a menacing boulder. Sounds easy? It’s not. They are many ways to die in Cliff Hopper: burnt to ashes by fireballs, cut to pieces by rotating saws or falling into an endless pit.