Happy Hop is an original endless hopper (Video)

After the success of their first game ‘Sweet Sins’, the 2-people team Platonic Games brings to life a new summer hit: Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump.

Happy Hop is an original endless hopper, simple, yet very, very, VERY addictive. Trust me. Once you start you won’t be able to stop playing! This perfect mix between Doodle Jump and Flappy Bird features a friendly free-to-play model inspired by Crossy Road.

‘Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump’ is available for free on Google Play and AppStore.

As a common japanese expression says: kawaii desu ne ~~

Key features:

· Simple and intuitive tap controls – tap left and right to jump between platforms
· More than 70 Miimo pets available. Gotta catch them all!
· Fly through +20 amazing landscapes and travel to Miimoland!
· Achievements and leaderboards are integrated with Game Center and Play Games
· Unique and stunning kawaii graphic style.

But, what’s a Miimo?

Miimos are the cutest and most loyal guardians in the world. Once they become your friend, your bond will be unbreakable. They will protect you and love you with all the strength of their tiny heart. They even bring you good luck!