Dungeon of the Endless for free on the iPad this week (Video)

Award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios announced today that Dungeon of the Endless on the iPad will be free to download starting today through next Monday, March 14 on the AppStore.

Mobile iPad gamers will receive the original PC version as well as the “Deep-Freeze” and “Bookworm” add-ons for the full experience. Dungeon of the Endless on iPad is a premium title without any in-app purchases.

Originally distributed on Steam PC in October 2014, Dungeon of the Endless on iPad offers a unique rogue-like experience with a retro 2D look, colorful animations, and eye-catching lighting visual effects. Crash-landed on an alien planet, players must explore and manage a team of heroes, survive and fight their way to the surface in a maze of randomly generated dungeons.

About Dungeon of the Endless

Dungeon of the Endless offers a unique blend of rogue-like toughness, RPG-light building options, and dungeon-defense strategies – all blended into a totally new game experience. Presented with a retro 2D look using modern 3D graphics and lighting, Dungeon of the Endless enables players to equip a team in single-player, or up to four people in cooperative multiplayer, to gather resources, construct defenses, and explore an infinite number of dungeons in an effort to reach the planet’s surface.

Players will collect resources just like those found in Amplitude’s popular 4X strategy games Endless Legend and Endless Space (Dust, Food, Industry, and Science), strategically using them to ascend to the next level of the dungeon. If all goes, right they’ll even reach the surface and see the light of another day.

Known for its deep, engaging, and critically praised 4X strategy games, Amplitude Studios won the venerable 2013 Golden Cube and Community Choice Unity Awards for Endless Space.