Doom & Destiny Advanced Maccheroni Update is now available, new Arena features on the line! (Video)

We are delighted to announce the Maccheroni Update, designed specifically for the Arena Mode in Doom & Destiny Advanced. We added a lot of new contents (unique weaknesses , fixed the overall experience and finally made the Arena the true temple of Doom & Destiny’s magical fighting system).

The Maccheroni Update is available NOW for the download and it’s FREE.
Doom & Destiny Advanced is available in Early Access on the following platforms: PC / Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8.

Check the complete list of features (and bug fixes) added in this new Arena update:
· Select your opponent from a choice of three: wait 15 minutes to get a new choice or spend a Doomstone to refresh it instantly.
· Unlock and equip special perks that can change the outcome of the battle: get a resource boost or hinder the opponent’s ability to cast spells, hire a friendly VIP or summon explosive decoys. The choice is up to you!
· All the classes now have special features and elemental weaknesses to consider when in battle!
· Summons have been rebalanced. They now have the conjurer stats +/- bonus.
· Item Powers are now sorted: HP healing > HP healing > Regen > Resurrection > Escape > Attack. Food > Alchemy > Stuff > Money and Void.
· Overall powers rebalance:
ü Changed Sorcerer’s Ice Spear to Dragon’s Tear, a pure alchemical fire attack.
ü Changed Sorcerer’s Arcane Earthquake with Lightning Storm.
ü Changed Sorcerer’s Lightning Storm with Summon Lightning.
ü Sorcerer’s Combustion is now Dark Flame.
ü Barbarian’s Intimidating Scream has been changed to give Fire, Ice and Lightning resistence. It also uses Food.
ü Barbarian’s Lightning Strike is now Almighty Attack.
ü Barbarian’s Whirling Attack is now Fire Dance.
ü Black Guard’s Blood Freeze has been changed to Freezing Flail.
ü Black Guard’s Instill Dread has been changed to Vile Bile Bomb.
ü Rogue’s Entangling Bag now uses Alchemy.
ü Rogue’s Stunning Attack is now Poison Dagger.
ü Rogue’s Old Coins is now Double Strike.
ü Warrior’s Righteous Cleave is now Thunderous Smite.
ü Warrior’s Holy Gust is now Cleansing Strike.
ü Warrior’s Holy Whirl is now pure Holy and costs Golz.
ü Cook’s A la Julien is now Piezoelectric and vice versa.
ü Cook’s A la Julien is half profane.
ü Void Wind nerfed.


Doom and Destiny Advanced is the sequel, prequel and reboot of the original Doom and Destiny. Why this strange definition? “Sequel” because is the second installment of the awarded IRPG (Italian Role Playing Game) series, but it’s also a “prequel”, since the adventure is set before the one narrated in Doom and Destiny, and a “reboot”, because Do.andDe. tells a complete brand new story, so if you haven’t played the previous chapter don’t panic, you’ll enjoy this experience without any continuity problem. Doom and Destiny Advanced carries on the legacy of the series with our favourite four nerdy heroes, crazy dialogues, intuitive turn-based combat, hand-crafted pixel art, tons of costumes and classes, dungeons, well-hidden secrets, metagame elements and more. The early access status of Do.andDe. Advanced will allow us to add more story segments and a lot of bonus stuff, without any in-App purchase or DLC. Begin your journey in the fantasy world of Doom and Destiny Advanced and always remember: nerds never die!


Inspired by the structure of series like “The Legend of Zelda” we decided not to create a direct sequel of Doom and Destiny. DoAnDe: Advanced tells a different adventure, but with the same four main characters fighting a new, super-evil, villain. And it’s also a prequel, because the story in set before the first DoanDe. The most important feature of Doom and Destiny Advanced is the in-game ever-expanding world, that is possible thanks to the ideas of our friends and fans.

◾Early access.
◾10-16 hours of adventures (free story updates will extend game time).
◾Huge world to explore filled with secrets, funny lore and crazy monsters.
◾JRPG-like turn-based combat.
◾Full freedom of hero’s stats customization at each level up.
◾16 Classes (and more to come) to change the role of each nerd: from wizard to sorcerer, from thief to cook.
◾Change your hero’s outfit with 24 unique costumes.
◾150+ special powers.
◾200+ mean monsters.
◾500+ locations.
◾60.000+ words of text.
◾No In-App purchases, FREE story updates.
◾Share save files between mobile and Steam versions and continue your adventure everywhere, everytime.
◾Nerds never die.