Closers, an episodic anime action RPG – trailer detailing the cast

En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, is excited to share a trailer detailing the cast of their upcoming episodic anime action RPG, Closers.

An orphan of the Dimensional War, Sylvi was raised within UNION, who discovered her Phase powers during regular testing. Her potential strength and inherent abilities pales in comparison to some of her more talented peers, but she won’t let that deter her. A perfectionist at heart, she more than makes up for her potential through hard work and determination that gives her a mastery of mental skills that surpasses other members of the Black Lambs. It was this dedication and ethos that earned her the spot as the leader of the Black Lambs and the respect of her fellow Closers.

In Closers, players take the role of a super-powered agent of UNION, an international organization dedicated to dealing with the threat of interdimensional aliens spilling through a series of mysterious portals appearing throughout New Seoul.  At launch, players will choose one of five playable members of the Black Lambs team: Seha, a reluctant combat savant, Sylvi, the dedicated leader, Yuri, the skilled martial artist who only recently discovered her powers, Misteltein, a prodigious young boy with amazing support skills, and J, the grizzled veteran with a troubled past. Each character’s unique personality and combat style will allow players to carve, blast, or pummel their own path through a complex, branching narrative, upgrading their skills and weapons along the way, and unlocking amazing new powers in a quest to snuff out a gargantuan interdimensional threat.

Developed by Naddic Games and published in North America and Europe by En Masse Entertainment, Closers is currently in closed alpha, with open beta planned for late 2017.