Color Defense released for free on Android

The first casual Tower Defense game is now available for all Android devices as a free game for phones and tablets on Google Play. Developer McPeppergames today released the first open BETA of their new casual action hit Color Defense.

The game is designed for casual players, puzzle friends and action strategy fans alike. This makes the very addictive free to play Color Defense the first and ultimate casual Tower Defense game for mobile devices. The unique design, the flat look and the optional science-fiction background story all together will make the Tower Defense experience last for a very long time.

McPeppergames already announced they will update the game constantly which will keep you entertained for months or maybe even for the years to come.

If you love Tower Defense or great puzzler or even idle clicker games there is now way around Color Defense. Get it now!

The game is available on Google Play worldwide and fully localized for over 20 countries!