Color Pop!, a brain-burning game, out on iOS and Android

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY officially announced that Color Pop! , a new brain-burning game is  out on App Store and Google Play all over the world.

Color Pop! is a widely popular puzzle game. With colorful and simple game style, Color Pop! suits for all ages. It is a perfect game to pass around at a family gathering, or during a long car ride. Players can enjoy every moment of the game.

By now, Color Pop! has won quite a few awards, eg. Silver award in the Global Indie Game Competition; Top 10 in Google Indie Game Festival, etc.

How to Play:

  • Drag blocks of the same color to different colored blocks.
  • Confirm right steps before you drag the blocks
  • Unify colors to target colors within limited steps
  • Use hints to clear different missions

Game Features:

  • Unique, brain-burning
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Colorful and minimalist graphics
  • Vibrant and rhythmic sound effects
  • Vote for the Best Map Editor

Color Pop! can be free downloaded on App Store and Google Play.