Mind – A mobile game to improve your Brain Fitness

Guerilla Tea has released Mind, a mobile game to aid & improve your cognitive skills.

Mind is three small, unique games comprised into one app. Beat your high score in each of the following:

CALCULATE: Squares will flash on a grid in succession, and all you need to do is keep track of the total. How fast can you count?

SEQUENCE: Squares will flash on a grid in a patterned sequence. Re-input the sequence correctly to increase your score. A tough memory test.

EIDETIC: A pattern of squares will briefly flash on a grid. Your task is to count the number of squares that flash. Recognising patterns certainly helps with this one.

With each cognitive exercise you’re given three lives, which you’ll certainly need as your score increases and the challenges get harder…

Mind is perfect for just about anybody; gamers and non-gamers alike. Download the game for FREE

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