GhostControl Inc. – ghostly strategy game – available today on Steam. Brandnew Version 2.0!

Application Systems and bumblebee. announce the launch of GhostControl Inc. 2.0 – our turn based strategy game – for Mac/PC/Linux and available on Steam. Shipping on Steam today, version 2.0 has many improvements and new features our backers and supports requested.

Encouraged by over 10,000 supporters on Steam and feedback from 1,000’s of early adopters and the press alike we’ve decided to improve the product with loads of features.

Link to Steam Store Page:

What’s new?

Out of the nearly 50 great improvements in GhostControl Inc. 2.0 the most important are:

Have your scientists build bigger guns and traps in the funky new lab. No more selling the ol’ stuff – pimp it out!

All new inventory-system
All-new, improved, optimized, enhanced, super-fancy inventory window!

Rename all your ghosthunters – anytime! Build up your dream team of friends, colleagues or your favourite football team (and have ’em run away from a bunch of spooks like scaredy-pants)!

This nifty database holds all your information from ghostscans: Strengths and weaknesses of ghosts, a classy description and a full size pixel-perfect depiction make this comprehensive compendium a ghosthunter’s must-have.

Equipment Guide
Say hello to the inventory guide, listing all the available traps, sensors, guns and other equipment. See what’s available in store, compare to your current stuff and see what to save up for.

Nip and Tuck
Improved visuals everywhere – funky ghostshines, wicked walking hunters inside your HQ, animated citymap and much more!

No more sittin’ around – have those couch-potatoes do some weightlifting whilst their colleagues are out doing the job.

Achievement list
GhostControl Inc. already comes with almost 60 freakin’ achievements to gain – in version 2.0 you’ll not only get a precise listing of those goals, they will be booked straight into your Steam-account.

Long awaited, finally here: An impressive Steamversion of GhostControl Inc. including all the cool stuff: Tradingcards, Achievements, Profilebackdrops, you name it!

And so much more:
Car-access during missions; Additional information in tooltips; Enhanced ghost-behaviour and boss-fights and hundreds of minor optimizations and improvements

And.. we added Spanish in addition to English, German and French as game language (including all bad jokes).

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