Hills of Glory 3D celebrates the 70th anniversary of WWII

With more than 2 million downloads, Hills of Glory 3D celebrates the 70th anniversary of World War II in the Free Europe edition this summer on Android and iOS, starting today.

Mobile soldiers worldwide, discover 2 new updates in the one of the best 3D action games of the past year. Play new missions in Paris, where you’ll have to push back your enemies harder than ever before and commence the liberation of Europe from occupation. Luckily, you won’t go alone into that battle, with the P51 Mustang plane as reinforcement. Instead of using the bomb trail weapon, drop landmines on strategic paths that will only explode once waves of enemies walk on them.

From Italy to Germany, engage in numerous battles by controlling your bunker. Survive the campaign’s 23 missions or push your limits in endless mode. Use strategy to destroy the key points of the battlefield and stop the enemy’s progress.

Hills of Glory 3D is a unique World War II action game which mixes incredible 3D graphics with a large amount of humour derived from its references to famous war movies. The game will please both hard-core gamers, with its real arsenal (rifle, flame-thrower, mortar, etc.), and casual players, with its easy-to-master multi-touch gameplay. In 2013, the game won the Best Game for Mobile and Handheld Console Award at the Game Paris Awards.

Watch the trailer here: http://bit.ly/Xpk8es

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