Com2us announces guild system in first Wonder Tactics update (Video)

Com2us announced today that Wonder Tactics has released a major update featuring the implementation of a guild system. This is the first major update to Wonder Tactics since the game’s global launch in January.

Guild System
Players can create guilds of up to 30 players consisting of one Guild Master and up to 3 Vice Masters. The new Guild System also includes chat functions for more peer interaction within the game.

Guild Missions
Members of a guild can work together to complete Guild Missions to strengthen their guilds and collect various rewards. The top five guilds per week based on these missions will be entered into the Hall of Fame.

Along with the guild system and missions, this update also includes the introduction of the Guild Shop where players can exchange Guild Points to purchase items that can enhance and benefit their guilds. Players can also look forward to a number of special events rolling out in Wonder Tactics within the next couple weeks in celebration of the Guild System.

Wonder Tactics Version 1.1.7 is available now for free download on App Store and Google Play.