CornerStudio, indie game “Mortido” (Video)

Mortido is a game that transports you into an unbelievably eye-catching imaginary world. You will be immersed into a story about people who have lived out their mortal lives, taking difficult decisions that were not always correct – into a story about the human soul’s journey after death. The main character will occasionally return to their memories from the world of the living, finding out more and more about their past and gradually recalling it.

With every new event you will find out how and WHY this character ended up in this situation.

Prepare to experience an extraordinary range of profound emotions as you explore the game universe, and the deeper you delve, the more emotionally invested you will become.

In ancient times the peoples of the world believed in a life after death. 
From a young age they were instilled with determination and fearlessness, even in the face of death and destruction.

Warriors from all continents raised the banner of the priesthood high and marched towards death with light hearts, believing that it was just the beginning. 
But did they know why exactly they were giving up the unique, precious life gifted them by the Creator?

Did they grasp the meaning of life and the price of the mistakes for which they would have to pay sooner or later?

The answers to these profound questions will become clear when you immerse yourself into the game. We will tell you the story of people who have lived a difficult life – and what awaits them after death.

Mortido is a third-person stealth-adventure game. The player controls one character, Cleo, for the majority of the game.

The game universe comprises of two words: the world of the living – the earthly realm, and the world of the spirits – the hereafter.
The game will comprise of seven story arcs that are closely interwoven with Cleo’s main antagonist. You can complete the game by learning two of the seven stories, and when you have fully played out all of them, you will be able to access the full resolution of all the storylines.

– The game is made on Unreal Engine 4
– Each character will be unique, both in terms of their character and appearance
– An engaging world fully designed by our team – from the artistic style to the plot and intensely expressive music
– A native combat system with enemies and bosses, where your resourcefulness is the main factor guaranteeing victory
– It is up to the player alone to guide how they choose to play out and fully open up the plot
– A choice with far-reaching consequences that might not simply influence the gameplay; it could undo everything you have worked towards for so long

Everything can be explained
You can complete the game but leave a large mystery unsolved.
Every detail, character and secret will become clear; you just need to look more closely.

We will have enought time for everything: to enjoy life and earn more. But it is not so. We, the team of CornerStudio, spent half a year preparing for the creation of this game (screenplay, technical part, plans and etc.). We are creating a game where life is a life test. This is the story of seven people, their lives and deaths, and of what awaits them behind the “line”.