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Learn To Control And Master ‘Giant Machines’ On STEAM (Video)

Developed by Code Horizon and published by Playway, Giant Machines 2017 on STEAM™ challenges you to master seven of the biggest industrial machines ever created with the ambitious goal of launching a space shuttle into space! If the sound of hissing hydraulic systems, excavator buckets and the smell of diesel fuel gets your juices flowing, prepare yourself for the exciting task of completing 14 intertwined missions all part of a singular story. Giant Machines 2017 has become an instant hit with members of the press, and has already featured on popular YouTube™ channels.

Giant Machines 2017 features accurately recreated cockpits and models of all included machines with complete analog controls of actuators and cranes. Take control of the Bagger, the Crawler, the Demolition, the Bulldozer, the Dumper, the Digger and even a Car Crane! Crush mountains, move tons of dirt, cut metal constructions, mine radioactive ores and transport materials from source to destination. If you successfully complete all missions within the game, you still have the daunting task of transporting a monstrous Space Shuttle prepping its departure to the International Space Station.

Giant Machines 2017 offers a high-fidelity simulation with stunning graphics, amazing physics and is a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience with intricate detail and cool features, such advanced logistics, hazardous materials, high-risk operations, physical demolition, extreme mining, rocket science, heavy-loads and plenty of work to be done. The primary Story-Mode campaign takes you to six geographical locations, such as Greenland, Canada, Wyoming, Missouri and Florida. Each rendered in glorious detail. The games Time-Attack mode unlock when you complete Story-Mode, and is comprised of selected missions by which you can earn bronze, silver and gold medals depending on your performance and score.

A built-in encyclopedia with 3D models will broaden your knowledge of the biggest machines man has ever built, and offers insight to technical parameters and performance data for each of the machines.