Crime Coast Bullies Its Way Onto Windows 10!

Pixel Squad’s Action-Packed TIGA Games Industry Award Finalist Introduces Gangster Strategy To Desktop PCs

With over a million gangsters already rampaging on mobile devices it’s time for Crime Coast to make its mark on Windows 10.

Expanding your turf and taking on new territories is the name of the game on Crime Coast which is why Pixel Squad are bringing the fight to Windows 10. Our December 15 soft launch earned us a player feedback score of 4.8 and we’re confident a wider audience will help us hit the magic 5.0, so we won’t be forced to break any heads!

Fully enhanced for desktop PCs and with more new features than Sly Stallone’s face, Crime Coast for Windows 10 includes an intuitive mafia planner, new single player missions, and more multiplayer options than you can shake a Molotov cocktail at.

After a full-on update our action-packed underworld universe now boasts a stunning sprite-based art style alongside an innovative approach to multiplayer gameplay. Whether you wanna be social or antisocial, a sidekick or a snitch, Crime Coast’s compelling and interactive format lets you choose your own path. It’s a fresh and dynamic approach to tower defense gaming on Windows 10.

Crime Coast’s success has led to a featured spot in the Windows App Store, promotion in the Apple Store’s Best New Games category, and its short-listing as a finalist at the 2015 TIGA Games Industry Awards.

Pixel Squad CEO and Godfather Will Mallouk said, “Crime Coast already seems to be as addictive as the blue chocolate featured in the game – some of the players have clocked in over thirty days’ play – that’s 720 hours! I hope they found time to sleep!”

Crime Coast is free to play and available now on Windows 10: