Crystareino arrives to Nintendo 3DS

KEMCO announced the release of Crystareino for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

One day, the protagonist, who has a hero as a father, and the sacred beast Eppol are suddenly summoned into a different world. The two are bewildered by a request to defeat the Demon King, and look for a way to return to their world, but it looks like it’s impossible to go back without defeating Demon King.
Why were they summoned into this world? What is the concealed mystery of the ruined kingdom…? As they go around the world and reach out to their new friends, they are faced with the lies and the truths hidden behind this quest…

– Create the ultimate character with a wide variety of classes
– Use the hero’s special skill Brave Burst!
– Travel around a vast world with comrades of your choice
– New character design!
– +20 allies scattered around the world