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Cybershoes: The Next Leap Into Virtual Reality

Cybershoes presented their prototype at last year’s gamescom. It gained a lot of attention and was nominated for the Best Hardware award – alongside well-known industry giants. The third and final redesign of the Cybershoes is launched in a comprehensive package, including a 360° swivel chair and a matching carpet. They will soon be available at major online retailers for every VR fan to enjoy.

When trying out virtual reality systems, the first thing new users experience is that using conventional VR controllers and implemented game mechanics, moving around is counter-intuitive and rather difficult.

Currently, moving great distances in virtual worlds is possible by using directional pads/buttons on the VR headset’s controller to move the character or simply “teleport” the character. This often induces motion sickness, because our heads bounce just slightly when we’re walking naturally. Our crucial inner-ear feedback for balance (using our vestibular system) is lost when moving with controllers. Today’s VR movement accessories such as treadmills are heavyweight, expensive, loud, and are not easily set up for home use, nor comfortable for long sessions.

Setting up Cybershoes, on the other hand, couldn’t be more intuitive. Users can strap the VR-gear directly to their shoes using the bindings – just like a snowboard – and take a seat on the 360° swivel chair. Next, users attach their favourite headset and start walking, running and even jumping on the virtual grounds. Cybershoes support the SteamVR platform – now compatible with the Valve’s treadmill support as well. They are also compatible with any VR game that allows free movement via controllers, and are usable with most common VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and Pimax.

The virtual footwear enables all thinkable natural movements in any direction, such as running forward to chase an opponent while looking back or sideways. Thanks to the sitting position, as opposed to of standing, Cybershoes enable far longer VR sessions without causing the users to become tired, while at the same time helping them exercise their legs. VR fans will especially appreciate the increased immersion in role-playing games with open world designs. The new longitudinal ribs ensure significantly better manoeuvrability in the game – and do not diminish the pleasure of sprinting forward quickly.

Cybershoes has been thoroughly tested by approximately 4000 individual users, including at successful international events such as E3, CES and gamescom.

“VR is an endless space, but until recently, users weren’t able to walk naturally in it. Joystick movements make people dizzy and teleportation ruins the whole immersion. We experimented quite a lot and now have our third and final redesign ready for retail launch. Our solution is easy and practical for home use. I can attest that it offers an immersion that even VR veterans will find hard to escape,” says Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes GmbH.