Data-Twisting Puzzler Small Radios Big Televisions Out Today (Video)

Deserted factories tower over a forgotten world, their dark corridors a resting place for age-old machinery. But among the decayed contraptions, mysterious data cassettes also reside, holding secrets from a time long gone.

Small Radios Big Televisions releases today on PC and PlayStation 4 with a 20% launch discount and an additional 10% discount for PS Plus members.

From Adult Swim Games and FIRE FACE, Small Radios Big Televisions invites you to scour the winding halls of its empty monoliths, solve mechanical puzzles, and discover the boundless worlds contained in lost cassette tapes. Fit the cassettes into your tape deck, explore virtual environments, and warp data to assemble the story behind the abandoned factories.

Inspired by a love for analog devices, retrowave music, and the delightful fragility of physical media, Small Radios Big Televisions promises an incomparable world-bending adventure.