Dead Drop Blues, from game jam project about a real world tragedy to a contemplative mobile puzzle game.

Dead Drop Blues, a contemplative mobile puzzle game born from a real world tragedy has been released for the App and Play Store.

You’ve been called in to examine recovered evidence. It’s up to you to reverses engineer what a collection of maps was being used for. Using your deduction and reasoning, re-create the paths that originally dotted the surface of the maps. As new maps are brought in, the paths that run along them become progressively complex and challenging.

Dead Drop Blues started out as a prototype which was created at a game jam. The jam had its participants create an autobiographical game about mental trauma they experienced. Maurice Grela created a mechanical interpretation of how he overcame the burden of failing to save a person’s life. The game was highly enjoyed both with and without context which inspired Maurice Grela to make it his first commercial release. Over time, the project evolved into a mystery which has the player examine a series of bizarre maps that have been found in the small Canadian town.

The game is accompanied by a mellow soundtrack provided by Mark Sparling. Both game and OST were inspired by Ontario’s natural beauty. The game aims to capture the calming sensation of Ontario’s fall so the player can experience it on the go at their leisure.

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