Destroy all Humans!TM from THQ Nordic Makes PlayStation®4 Debut

THQ Nordic today announced that mankind’s greatest foe is returning to planet Earth – to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system (PS4™), to be exact. Destroy All Humans!™, previously released for PlayStation®2, has been re-mastered for PS4 and is now available for download for $19.99.

In Destroy All Humans!, players take on the role of Crypto, a saucer-flying, anal-probe-wielding alien on a mission to both rescue a member of his Furon alien species from the U.S. Army and harvest all the human DNA he can along the way. An action-adventure set in well-known locations spread across 1959 America, Destroy All Humans! follows Crypto’s assault on mankind and the U.S. government’s attempt to disguise his alien invasion as a communist plot.

“We’re happy to finally answer fans’ questions about what’s next for the Destroy All Humans franchise,” said Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director at THQ Nordic. “Remastering the original for PS4 somehow makes every bovine encounter and governmental mishap even funnier – Crypto is at his absolute best on PS4!”

Crypto possesses advanced Furon weaponry in both his flying saucer and on his person. The saucer is equipped with a “Death Ray” which can burn humans, vehicles, and buildings; the “Abducto Beam”, a tractor ray that can lift up people and objects and hurl them into the air; the “Quantum Deconstructor”; a highly powerful nuclear weapon that can launch radioactive bombs that utterly destroys everything in its radius; and the “Sonic Boom”, a bomb that can explode on contact and shock the blast radius like a tremor.

On foot, Crypto has an arsenal of four weapons, of which include the “Zap-O-Matic”, a gun that emits an electric charge, shocking its victims; the “Anal Probe”, a powerful rod that goes into the victim’s rectum and uproots a D.N.A. enriched brain: the “Disintegrator Ray”, which turns the target’s flesh and organs into ashes and renders only a charred skeleton; and the “Ion Detonator”, the Furon equivalent of a grenade launcher. He also is equipped with an upgradable jetpack to help him traverse long distances.

The Furons psychokinetic ability nicknamed “HoloBob” allows them to imitate the appearance of any nearby human. This allows a Furon to travel amongst humans unnoticed. Additionally, Crypto is able to use an ability known as PK or “PsychoKinesis” that allows him to psychokinetically move objects around.