Kongregate, a leading publisher of mobile and web games, and 22cans, the games development studio founded by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux, today announced the launch of The Trail, an innovative game where players from across the globe can explore a new frontier together. In The Trail players of every skill level can swipe and pioneer their way from a solo adventurer, with nothing but the clothes on their backs to the leader of a thriving and prosperous town by collecting, crafting, trading and working together with other players.  The game is available starting today for iOS and Android devices.

“The Trail has been an exciting project for me” said 22cans Founder and Creative Director, Peter Molyneux.  “It allowed me to get back to my roots as a game designer and put my passion for creating transformative play experiences into this unique and engaging game for today’s mobile audiences. My hope is that whether they have 5 minutes or 5 hours to play The Trail, they continue thinking about their journey long after the game screen has been closed.”

In The Trail, players choose their character, throw on a backpack and embark on a journey along an enchanting trail through beautiful wilderness.  As they progress along the path, players collect items needed to sustain energy, unlock valuable information and craft items that they can trade with other explorers along the way.  As they amass fortune and notoriety, they will work to build a thriving community and ultimately become the leader of the most successful town in the new frontier.

“When I saw The Trail, I knew it was a special game and one that we had to publish,” said Emily Greer, co-founder and CEO of Kongregate. “It’s been a pleasure to work with Peter and his team, and I am proud that our company’s founding principles of supporting indie developers and bringing truly unique game content to players worldwide are as true now as it was when we started the company 10 years ago.”  

The Trail has been rated 7+ for IOS and E for Everyone by the ESRB for Android.  The game is currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play.