Destroy Opposing Forces On Distant Planets In The Codex Of Victory (Video)

Codex Of Victory by indie game developer Ino-Co Plus (previously known for “Warlock: Master of the Arcane” series) is raging an Early Access war via STEAM™. Telling the tale of a frontier planet of critical importance in the never-ending conflict between humanity and the Augments, Codex Of Victory offers a Sci-Fi themed gameplay experience with epic battles for supremacy against the opposing galactic aristocracy clans.

Codex Of Victory is a turn-based wargame full of conspiracies, betrayal and heroism. Your task is to build, maintain and upgrade an underground base from which you can produce units and customize your growing army. Challenge the military efficiency of the enemy by taking out their giant drones, robots and tanks. Attack and defend locations on the map, and battle against the AI in a single-player campaign, or outwit your friends in a multiplayer duel! Improve your skills and master attack combos for the upcoming boss fight!

Upon official release, Codex OF Victory will include 3-4 challenging Acts. The initial Act is complete and included with the current download, it comes with 8 missions, tutorial and multiplayer. Additional modules, units, missions and planets are currently in the works.

· Authentic Turn-Based Gameplay
· Underground Base Construction
· Single-Player Campaign
· Multiplayer Mode
· Battle Bots Of All Sizes
· Various unit upgrades and modifications