Starr Mazer: DSP Launches on Steam Early Access (Video)

The stunning Starr Mazer: DSP, was born as a passion project during the development of its bigger brother, the point-and-click SHMUP hybrid, Starr Mazer.

Unlike Starr Mazer, the highly-anticipated Kickstarter success, which focuses on Brick M. Stonewood’s escapades 130 years after THE GREAT WAR, the prequel, Starr Mazer: DSP, thrusts you into that very conflict, putting even the most veteran shmup player through their paces over the course of nine intense stages.

The UNFP’s been kicked in the teeth by a G’ell invasion force and humanity’s last hope is its fleet of experimental DSP MkI Forward Assault Fighters and anyone brave enough to strap in. Luckily this planet’s full of all kinds of crazy just begging to take a shot.

•Levels – Battle through nine Levels, across three intense arcade-style bullet-filled acts! Take the fight from the surface of war torn Thersa-CPIX to the Space Gate and up to the heart of the G’ell Super Ship; the Adamastor!
•Recruit – Recruit a diverse team of humans, aliens, and a dog! Hand pick your DSP team before every mission using their weapons, stats and battle order to your advantage!
•SK:ORE – The fight never ends with SK:ORE! There are no game overs in this battle! Use your SK:ORE from fallen enemies and Carbomite pickups to purchase a new squadron of pilots!
•Unlock Pilots – Discover legendary pilots! Give your squadron an edge in battle with unique legendary pilots like Slimo, Bunny Killmaster, Don Thacker and many more!
•Power Up – Power up your weapons for maximum destruction! Collect Carbomite from fallen foes to power up your primary fire or to fuel your super weapon!
•Music – An explosive electronic-infused soundtrack by chiptune pioneer Alex Mauer.