DET: solve the mystery, Not your ordinary puzzler

Indie game developer Kardus Imajinasi are proudly announced a new game called “DET: solve the mystery” which can be downloaded at Play Store.

This game is started when the President of the World asks Det to solve cases of the missing things in the world. Det have to solve the mysterious cases with the available clues. Your goal is to help Det by giving a word related to the available clues. The more cases you missed, the more difficult to find the clue.

“DET: solve the mystery” is not an ordinary puzzle game. The mysterious cases you have to solve will make this game more unique than another games. Why is it mysterious? Because to solve every case, we need logical thinks and connect all the available clues until we can conclude a word as an answer. The answer can be objects, creatures, professions, etc.

Fact 1. The way to play game “DET” describes the habits of many people who forgot the name of an object so it must explain the characteristics of that object to be understood by the interlocutor.
Fact 2. After 2 years working together for “Tebak Gambar” game, “Kardus Imajinasi” team just met face to face. And game development process done remotely.
Fact 3. In its development, the game “DET” is targeted for Indonesian market only, but since some of our non-Indonesian friends can answer some questions of this game, we finally expanded the target market of this game and added a feature to change the language include the answer.