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DNA Play, First App To Introduce Genetics To Kids, Ranks #1 On The App Store’s Top Paid Kids Chart in US, UK, China And More

Avokiddo, the creator of Thinkrolls, the award-winning popular physics puzzler for kids, is announcing today the release of DNA Play for iOS and Android. DNA Play is a captivating, free-play app, where kids create their own incredible creatures by building and tweaking their DNA. Earth is about to get crowded since as many as 200 BILLION one of a kind creatures will soon be joining its population! DNA Play is expected to create a big buzz in the kids app market and reinforce the company’s reputation for top quality, diverse and original productions.

Through an engaging open-ended game-play, stunning graphics and hilarious scenarios, DNA Play introduces kids to the fascinating field of genetics. Kids learn how to build creatures by completing a series of simple DNA puzzles. They get creative and experiment with quirky mutations of different body parts by altering genes. They have a blast playing with their monsters and change their form in real-time while they dance, skate, eat or sleep! Best of all, these are emotional creatures with vivid personalities, so prepare to be surprised!

“There is a big controversy on when and how to present certain subjects of studies. We wait…and wait…and wait, and then wonder why kids are having such a hard time retaining the massive amount of material when subjects are eventually broached. Avokiddo is showing that it is never too early to start, and laying down foundations in early learning may just set pathways of understanding in motion. The subtlety of how information concerning the magic of science and genetics is presented is inspiring, and in the guise of creating little monsters in an open play format….DNA Play is wildly creative, brave, and most of all outrageously fun” – Jo Booth, Teachers With Apps reviewer and occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience.
“We want to inspire kids and encourage them to ask questions, push the limits of their imagination and show them how to inquire through experimentation”, says Vagelis Katsantonis, co-founder and creative director of Avokiddo.

“DNA Play gives parents and caregivers a platform to talk about the building blocks of life” – TechWithKids – Jinny Gudmundsen, USA Today Kid Tech Columnist

Key Features:
▪ A simple introduction to DNA, genes and mutations
▪ Build over 200 billion unique creatures!
▪ Complete the DNA puzzles, swap their pieces to mutate
▪ Tap on body parts to trigger random mutations
▪ Transform creatures in real-time while they dance, sleep, eat, skate & more!
▪ Save your creatures in a ready-to-play library
▪ Save snapshots of your creations stamped with their DNA code
▪ Parents’ section includes info on DNA, illustrated tutorial, interaction hints & play ideas
▪ Ideal for kids 4-9
▪ Exceptional graphics, superb music and original sound design
▪ COPPA compliant, no ads, no in-app purchases

Age group: Submitted to Apple’s Kids 6-8 category, ideal for ages 4-9
Price: $2.99
Localizations: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brasil), Spanish, Swedish

Trailer and more info at: www.avokiddo.com/dnaplay

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