Dungeon Rankers on Android and iOS

One-man indie retro revivalist Dead Fish Eye (Grid Glory, Run and Shoot Zombies) brings mobile gamers another dynamic blast from the past with the simultaneous English release of his newest title, Dungeon Rankers.

This turn-based hybrid action RPG pits players against 98 other NPC combatants and a horde of ravenous beasts in a chaotic, nostalgic, and hypnotic 2D retro battle royal. Explore unique rooms filled with hidden passages, deadly traps, and even guarded treasure. Fight your way through 8 perilous floors, collecting weapons and magic along the way. Survive the grueling onslaught, rack up points, and ascend the leaderboards on your way to dungeon domination!

Dungeon Rankers features randomized dungeons, charming retro pixel art, immersive music and sound, simple controls, a plethora of equipment and power-ups, and enthralling gameplay that is easy to learn but requires skill and strategy to master. With its challenging old-school difficulty and undeniable replayability, it’s a loving homage to the thrilling games of yesteryear!

Dungeon Rankers is completely ad-free, allowing players to enjoy nonstop, uninterrupted play sessions on the go or at home. Download it now on Android and iOS.