Time Tenshi Paradox: Episode 1, an episodic visual novel series, on Steam

The Time Tenshi narrowly saved the future, but what new peril faces the past? In Time Tenshi Paradox: Episode 1, the new episodic visual novel series from Silver Cow Studio, players will join Rose, Kyo and the rest of the cast as they adventure into centuries long since passed – and discover a mysterious force that threatens to consume history itself. And just like previous games in the popular Time Tenshi series, players will get the chance to alter their future in a number of choices spread throughout the game, potentially unlocking bonus romance scenarios if enough Affinity Points are earned with Rose or Kyo.

Set immediately after the events of Time Tenshi 2, the first episode of Time Tenshi Paradox features a compelling short story with five illustrations to discover, and as Kenji Johnson, players will enjoy a dinner with the girls, help repair the badly damaged Time Window, revisit memories from past games and plenty more. And if the first episode is popular, players can look forward to lots more adventures in additional exciting episodes to be released over the coming months.

Time Tenshi Paradox: Episode 1 features all the humor, fanservice, suspense and action that the series is famous for, as well as new music and all-new artwork for every character.