Ellipsis – Evade. Elude. Survive. (Video)

Ellipsis launches TODAY on Steam, has a new launch trailer, and the team wants to see you at PAX East!

·     Launching for Windows, Mac and Linux – Available at 9am Pacific on Steam, Humble Store and Itch.io
·     Winner of Intel’s Level Up – GAME OF THE YEAR and Best Action Game
·     Showcasing at GDC 2017 and PAX East Indie Showcase
·     150+ hand-crafted levels, In-Game Editor and Level Sharing for hundreds more!
Ellipsis, the action-packed, Intel award-winning Avoid ‘Em Up launches January 25th at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern) on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Play Ellipsis at your own pace. Explore your mysterious surroundings and solve puzzles by leisurely gliding through levels and unlocking secrets. Or, race deftly through the universe, evading enemies and attacks before they have a chance to activate. No matter how you play, Ellipsis will challenge you, screen after screen, from start to finish.
Ellipsis’s minimalist world is easy to pick up for both experienced and seasoned players alike. Each hand-crafted stage has been masterfully designed to guide you through increasingly challenging puzzles and enemies, developing your skills along the way. With 8 worlds and over 150 unique levels, Ellipsis keeps you on your toes and coming back for more.
Ellipsis won Intel Awards for both Best Action Game and Game of the Year 2016. Players have referred to Ellipsis as “surprisingly delightful and intense” and “uniquely fun” – we hope you love it as much as they do!
Last but not least, Ellipsis is coming to America for shows. GDC is right around the corner and the team will be showcasing Ellipsis Wednesday March 1st from 2-6pm at the Intel booth in the East Skybridge of Moscone South Mezzanine. Then, PAX East is March 10-12 in Boston, and Ellipsis will be there all weekend with the PAX East Indie Showcase. Come try the game on a touch screen PC and talk to the team!
Hope to see you there!