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Endless surfer Woody: Endless Summer launching today on iOS & Android!

Sporting some serious moves, WOODY: ENDLESS SUMMER has arrived on the App Store and Google Play

Play as a wakeboarding mutt named “Woody” — and jump, spin, and dive your way to stardom in this sharp-looking 2D arcade game developed by Brazil’s INDT (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico).

Show off your skills by performing tricks while ramping over islands, gliding over platforms, and maneuvering around dangerous obstacles. Time your jumps just right to make daring underwater dives and rack up the big points. Earn enough points and you can claim a spot on the leaderboard.

* Time Freeze: Stop the clock!
* 2X Multipliers: Double your coins and points
* Magnet: Bring coins directly to you
* Head Start: Go through a tunnel of coins without running into a single obstacle
* Continue: Keep wakeboarding after the clock has run out … or if you run into a bomb.

Every missed jump and collision costs valuable seconds — but you can extend the clock by reaching checkpoints. Keep Woody’s wakeboarding fluid and flawless by hopping through speed-boost rings and sliding smoothly over ramps. Just be on the lookout for bombs: Sliding over one of those will ruin Woody’s run!

Sérgio Cavalcante (Product Owner, INDT):

“Wakeboarding is not as easy as it looks. Like any other sport, it requires time, effort, and plenty of practice. Wakeboarding is also stupidly fun, and maybe a little more forgiving than surfing — which inspired us to create a whole game about it. Woody: Endless Summer takes the ‘endless’ genre to an entirely new scene. Racing across the water, players get to skillfully navigate tons of marine-inspired obstacles aided by really cool power-ups like a giant magnet and the ability to stop the clock. Diving under an island and immediately coming out the other side never gets old!”

* Stunning 2D art
* Original soundtrack coupled with a Sega-style in-game announcer
* Ramps, platforms, bombs, islands, and tons of other tricky hazards
* Awesome power-ups and special abilities
* Google Play and Game Center leaderboards — plus in-game achievements

Woody: Endless Summer is now available for free on Android and iOS, and it includes in-app purchases.