Exospecies, Simultaneous turn-based strategy game on iOS

Exospecies – a 1v1 strategy game created by Microsoft veteran/Xbox One Operating System co-lead Eric Zinda is available at the App Store.

Combining the ageless gameplay of chess, strategic moves from Magic: The Gathering, and isometric combat from mid-’90s strategy DOS games such as SimCity, Exospecies allows players to form their very own alien militias to fight in surreal, exotic habitats all over the universe. In pitched 1v1 battles, strategy fans will be tasked with defeating two distinct AIs (“Maria” and “Ni jel-un”) or facing off against human opponents online as both sides take turns at the same time – a feature not often seen in turn-based strategy games.

In Exospecies, every player’s unique alien army is composed of 10 units (with more coming soon) – all with different abilities, such as:
  • Slug Trail: Conductive goo that can be laid out on a map and electrified later to damage opponents.
  • Repel: Creates a field that bends spacetime to push enemy units away.
  • Hell Jelly: Poisonous intergalactic sludge that contaminates opponents that touch it.
  • Honey Kiss: Distance projectile attack from the Waspid race.
  • Loyalize: Cause allies to fight harder when they are nearby units with this ability.
  • Tunnel: Dig a tunnel underground to surprise enemy units.
  • Disrupt: Create a disabling electromagnetic field to defend against enemy units.
Two single-player campaigns will be available at launch:
  • Beginner (“J’li li”): Introduction to the game with 11 levels. Teaches players how to best make use of ALL the different units/species in the game.
  • Advanced (“Malinoino”): Much more difficult with 13 levels. Fun but challenging AI; highly replayable.
Furthermore, an optional Map Editor makes it easy for players to customize the playfield to their heart’s content – whether taking on friends, online opponents, or the AI. Random terrain creates big maps FAST and custom terrain allows for handcrafted, personal creations.
Exospecies will be available on iOS for FREE. In-game currency (Bosons) can be used to purchase additional content, such as the Advanced “Malinoino” campaign, and units (Electroids, Waspids – and “Pods,” which randomly unlock units based on probability).