Warlords, a Turn Based Strategy Mobile Game

·         Turn based strategy where every move matters
·         Build your army with over 30 unlockable and customizable characters

Available to download now on iPhone & iPad and Android devices

Warlords, a turn based strategy game where every move matters, is now available to download for iPhone & iPad and Android devices.
Boasting beautiful 3D graphics, Warlords sees players enter a fantasy world to battle back against an invading Orc horde. Landing on the once peaceful shores of Dunmar, players are tasked with turning their fledgling warband into a mighty army strong enough to turn the tide of battle. With a cast of over 30 characters to recruit, arm and upgrade, players can choose to use brute force, ancient magic or superior mobility to become the ultimate warlord.

Warlord’s central quest will pit players against computer controlled Orcs and bandits while the game’s asynchronous PvP mode will allow players to fight it out against fellow players’ armies and rise to the top of the global leaderboard. The rarest of loot awaits for players who head out to the fearsome Brigand Island where a PvE mode will pit players against a merciless band of outlaws.

“Over the last few years, a hugely passionate team of gamers has worked hard to create  the best possible strategy game for mobile. Warlords is the result and we couldn’t be prouder to launch it today” commented Wilhelm Oesterberg, Head of Studio at Black Anvil Games. “We hope it can stir memories of classic turn based strategy games in some of our more seasoned players, and create new gaming memories for those a little less familiar to the genre.”

Warlords is free to download and play with in-app purchases available for players who wish to expand their experience.