FIGHT OF GODS – OUT worldwide on Steam Early Access

PQube announced that both Jesus and Buddha have joined the FIGHT OF GODS roster, and that the game is OUT NOW worldwide on Steam Early Access!

Existence itself is at stake in the greatest tournament ever devised in FIGHT OF GODS, the epic new 2D fighter from indie developer, Digital Crafter. When an unknown entity gathers the strongest gods and religious figures from throughout human history, mythological beings and holy icons must battle to uncover the truth and save the world.

Who will prevail in the ultimate battle of gods? Will Jesus, fresh from ripping himself off the sacrificial cross, smite all his foes with the power of his Punishment Fist? Can Buddha slap his opponents into submission? Harness the power of fire, lightning, water, plagues and more as you pit gods and prophets such as Odin, Zeus, Amaterasu, Anubis, Moses and Athena against one another in one of the most unique and outlandish fighters ever created.


FIGHT OF GODS features a roster of ten larger-than-life fighters fighting for godly supremacy in jaw-dropping levels that transport you from the luscious jungles of The Garden Of Eden to the dry seabed sandwiched between the crashing waves of the parted Red Sea.

Featuring Arcade, Versus and Training modes, FIGHT OF GODS is the hottest new fighter on Steam. And this is just the beginning – development of the next wave of gods to join the battle is already underway and will be added to the game for free. An online multiplayer update will also be rolled out during the Early Access program, and we’re not stopping there…

FIGHT OF GODS is OUT NOW on Steam Early Access worldwide!