Reaching For Petals out for Windows PC

Developer Blue Entropy Studios is delighted to announce that its upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered adventure, Reaching For Petals, is available on Steam.

Reaching For Petals is a poetic, story-driven adventure game, set in a beautiful but desolate world. It tells a story of love, loss, and ambition, in which you’ll travel to the peak of the ever-reaching mountain to uncover the true nature of your mysterious and seemingly unguided journey. You’ll revisit past memories, each telling the tale of a chapter of your life, slowly revealing the meaning of your travels.

A purely story-driven experience with light environmental interaction, Reaching for Petals combines dynamic music, breathtaking visuals, and interactive choices to tell an engaging and heartfelt story.

Reaching For Petals is out now via Steam for Windows PC, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions to follow.