“Final Judgment – Damnation Day” (Video)

Final Judgment – Damnation Day, is an arcade-like game where you take control of Raphael, an archangel in the Purgatory, who decides the fate of an everlasting stream of souls. If you ever wanted to choose who goes to heaven or hell, that’s your chance!

The straightforward mechanics make the game easy to start playing right off the bat. Tap left to save angels and right to save demons, simple as that. However, as you save more and more souls, the faster the game becomes, until it reaches a frantic speed that only true masters can survive. As said by Luis Daher, one of the team members, “it’s an intense yet quick challenge, perfect for killing time during those boring moments of the day”.

Also, players are able to unlock or buy additional characters and scenarios, making the game even more interesting and funny. A Viking, a traffic guard, a bouncer and even the Devil himself are some of the available characters.

Save angels and demons, challenge your friends, unlock funny characters and scenarios and conquer the leaderboards of this arcade-like game set in Purgatory!

Game Features:

•A superb casual style game with an intense and unusual gameplay set in the Purgatory

•Challenging sorting gameplay in the middle of the judgement day also with simple controls

•Tap to sort the angels and demons through their salvation portals (or burn them!)

•Share your score with friends and unlock superb achievements

•Unlock funny saints and awesome scenarios

Future updates:

Additional characters/scenarios, Seasonal (e.g.: Easter/Christmas/Valentine’s Day) characters/scenarios.