Frutorious is back remixed, remastered and in glorious hi-definition!

Three years in the making, Frutorious HD takes the 2012 TIGA award nominated cult favourite and treats every single level with a redesign and polish, new HD art and the same great manic puzzle action that made the original a much loved classic.

But the improvements don’t stop there; we’ve also added an aiming guide and tweaked the controls so they’re easier to pick up for beginners.

We’ve also removed all the IAP so now when you buy the game, all 144 levels are yours!

And don’t worry, our endless arcade mode Frutorious Pro is still there! Even that has had countless improvements both to gameplay and graphics.

Frutorious HD is the definitive version of Frutorious and will doubtless go down in history as a game about an apple with a moustache and a rapper made out of modelling clay.

Finalist in 2 TIGA award categories: Best Casual Game and Best Audio Design

‘Cool Game’ – James Mielke, Pixel Junk Games
‘bloody brilliant’ – Rob Fearon, OwVideogames
‘cute and colorful’ –
‘plays quite a bit like the unholy spawn of Angry Birds with your favourite 80’s platformer of choice’ –

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