Super Waves Survivor remastered in HD and 64-Bit is available now for free

FIGHT! COLLECT! UPGRADE! OVERCOME! Play as castaway hero Johnny Calm, jumping and smashing to survive against hordes of sea creatures bent on your death in Super Waves Survivor. Originally released for the Apple iPhone 3G, the tough-as-nails endless action game has been remastered and tweaked for the latest generation of Apple iOS devices.

“Waves was ahead of its time for mobile games in 2010 and is now on par with current trends as casual audiences mature and core gamers warm up to mobile gaming. There’s a growing demand for new IP with classic gameplay and procedural, rogue-like challenges that are extremely unforgiving yet rewarding.

From Flappy Bird to Crossy Road. From Dark Souls to Bloodborne. Even renewed interest in classic games like Battletoads and Mega Man prove players are craving retro caliber challenges that require skill, practice, and quick reflexes. Super Waves Survivor lands in this category with mobile session lengths in mind. You will die. A lot.” notes James Lau, President of Renown Entertainment.

With the latest advancements in mobile technology, the team at Renown felt it was the ideal time to remaster Super Waves Survivor and hit the quality bar they strived for but couldn’t quite deliver 5 years ago.

Gameplay has been improved and graphic assets have been re-rendered up to 8x the original resolution. One example is the Johnny Calm sprite is now higher resolution than the entire Apple iPhone 3G screen! Additionally, the code base has been completely refactored to give players the ultimate Super Waves Survivor experience better than originally intended.

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