Mazecraft launches for iOS devices

Indie studio ‘Hyper Liger’ today launched its second title, ’Mazecraft’ for iOS touch devices for free on the App Store.

Play countless mazes stocked with fun features, dangerous obstacles and deadly surprises. Encounter classics like the giant rolling boulder, the hidden pit and the spike trap all the way through to sci-fi gizmos like the airlock and the sentry turret.

Design and build your own mazes and invite your friends to try them out. Collect gold from their visits and use it to build bigger, better mazes.

Decorate and customise: lead your friends astray with signposts, confound them with locked doors and riddles, and taunt them with abusive owls. Meet a multitude of creatures; from the monstrous Minotaur and the deadly Hunter to the helpful Sage and mischievous Pink Rabbit. Infinite possibilities and interactions await you!
Collect prizes, level-up and unlock new features while dressing yourself in the finest costumes. Want to be a Pirate Samurai? A Robot Dog? An I.T. Administrative Assistant? It’s all there.

Can you build a maze no one can solve? Can you build the ultimate maze to top the global charts? Prepare to craft mazes with your friends! This is Mazecraft!

Mazecraft features:
– Build mazes filled with dozens of items, traps and creatures
– Share your creations with the world
– Watch replays of your friends trying to solve your mazes
– Play countless other mazes
– Level up and unlock new costumes
– Collect hundreds of prizes
– Push a rabbit down a hole

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