Fugu Bubble Quest 2 Releases on the Android Devices

Efektpol VR, a young Polish developer of video games, is pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to its game catalogue – a game called Fugu Bubble Quest 2, which is a sequel to the well-received Fugu Bubble Quest. The game is currently available for free at the Google Play store for the wide range of Android devices and soon will be launched on the Apple’s App Store in the iOS version. Already earning a lot of positive feedback, it aims to deliver fun for the whole family.

In Fugu Bubble Quest 2 player takes up a challenge to join together the fish of the same colour, by simply moving them around the bright and colourful levels. Earning points and climbing up on the highscore lader, he has to try to trigger powerful combos, leading up to even more fun! The game currently supports few game modes, which includes classic mode, versus mode (in which two players can face each other on the same screen of device) and time attack, in which every action has to be taken in five seconds. Fugu Bubble Quest 2 offers a lot of power-ups, as well, including the main protagonist, Fugu, which can get rid of plenty of fish at the same time.

The game aims to be a relaxing and fun way of spending free time – even if you have only few minutes to play, your progress is always saved so you can come back and continue your adventure anytime you want.

Game features checklist:
· Match all the colourful members of the ocean kingdom but don’t let FUGU mess your play up.
· And when You need FUGU’S help – she’ll come to the rescue with her NEW FRIENDS!
· Make combinations of at least 5 sea creatures in one line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) to make them run away in a burst of bubbles.
· They are lovely but don’t let sea creatures overwhelm You!
· Most of all – just have fun!

About Fugu Bubble Quest series
Fugu Bubble Quest series was created to provide both casual and harcore gamers with a lot of fun „in between” their casual everyday responsibilities. From the beginning, the creators were aiming to give players a great and non-stressful way to have fun, even with the whole family. That’s how Fugu Bubble Quest was created – it has been crafted with love and passion by people who are really passionate about games (both mobile and „a bit larger”)