Fyoozd 2 Puzzle Game iOS Release Date 23rd January 2015

Developer The Motion Monkey has announced the release date for the iOS version of their upcoming mobile puzzle game.

The sequel to their unique take on match 3 puzzle games will be released as a universal app (iPhone & iPad) for free download via the iOS app store on 23rd January 2015.

The game builds on the highly original gameplay of the first game to breathe new life into the tired match 3 puzzle genre.

Notable features of the game are:

• Fast paced, against the clock gameplay.
• Updated, more responsive, touch screen friendly controls.
• Retro, colour blind friendly visuals – inspired by the 16-bit computer systems of the past (e.g. Commodore Amiga).
• Bigger, better bonuses for higher scoring and timer boosts for extended gameplay.
• Complete game free to play (ad supported).

For more information, to see the trailer video please visit: http://www.fyoozd2.com

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