Galactic Frontline, 3D RTS game on Android & iOS

NetEase Games’ new real-time sci-fi strategy title, Galactic Frontline, has launched worldwide. The game will be available to download from both the App Store and the Google Play Store in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Japanese versions.

For the project, NetEase brought together an international team that includes artists who’ve worked on titles such as Dark Souls and C&C: Red Alert, professional sci-fi writers and even the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, which recorded the game’s unforgettable opening theme.

Combining their talents and focusing their collaboration has resulted in a game full of breath-taking visuals, tactical complexity and adrenaline-pumping action.

Galactic Frontline’s lead VFX artist, Abel Zhang, was invited to deliver a presentation at GDC 2018 in which he shared his experiences of creating the game’s cutting-edge effects.

Epic Real-Time Space Battles

Galactic Frontline is a 3D RTS game set in deep space. Players can modify and upgrade parts of their fleet as they see fit. To overwhelm the enemy and gain victory, players need to collect energy, produce combat units, and use their tactical skills strategically.

As battle begins, two ships will face off from opposite ends of the map. Players will command a ship, up to four escort vessels (with tactical skills) and up to 6 combat units. It costs energy to produce units and use skills and a ship’s energy will regenerate at varying rates depending on upgrades and environmental features.

The choice of which escort vessels and combat units to take into battle is the player’s, and each player can unlock and upgrade new units and strengthen their fleets in a way that best suits their playing style.

Releasing the right units, or using the right skills, at the right time is the key to victory. Grab the opportunity to attack the enemy ship straight away!

There are currently five PvP maps in the game: Arena, Kuiper Belt, Zoltarian Outpost, Ion Storm and Ensari Temple. Each has unique features and will require players to adapt their strategies.

A Galaxy at War
The action revolves around three races fighting for supremacy across the galaxy: the Terrans, the Zoltarians and the Ensari. Players can travel through the galaxy in story mode, learning more about each faction, their history and capabilities. Each species has a different but connected story and a tangled web of friendship, conspiracy and betrayal awaits to be discovered.

Fantastic rewards can be earned for completing story stages the, and these can be used to upgrade your ship, units and escort vessels. Story Mode is a great way for players to learn the skills, and gain the resources, needed to compete in the game.

Play Your Way 

As well as a rich story mode, Galactic Frontline lets players enjoy the game through a variety of exciting modes including Ranking Mode and Tournament Mode.

Ranking Mode allows players to see how they stack up against the world’s best in matched battles based on the players’ current ranking. Win and they have the chance to climb from Bronze all the way up to Legend! Not only that, but they can also earn fantastic rewards just from taking part.

Tournament Mode sees players using pre-selected and tactics to compete. Each week, the top 32 players from all over the world will compete for the title of Champion. Meanwhile, other players can make predictions on the winners of matches for the chance to win in-game items.

Galactic Frontline is poised to bring real-time sci-fi strategy to the forefront of mobile gaming. Build your fleet, battle against players from around the world and become the galaxy’s best!