Fliplomacy, Diplomacy meets Othello/checkers on iOS

Fliplomacy’, a puzzle game which is unique take on diplomacy and the classic games such as Othello & Checkers, has launched on iOS.

Move, Jump, FLIP!

Three words that describe the game very appropriately.

Fliplomacy’ is a Puzzle Game where the player controls the protagonist piece on a game board. The movements are very simple – Swipe Up, Down, Left or Right to move in the respective direction. This is the ‘Move’ part.

The objectives are very simple. The player needs to convert all the other pieces on the board to the same color as itself. And you can do that by simply jumping over a piece! This is the ‘Jump’ part.

Whenever, a player jumps over a piece on the board, the piece changes it’s color to opposite to what it is currently. This is the ‘FLIP’ part.

As easy as it sounds, the game keeps offering challenges in the form of special board tiles which can flip row, columns or even everything on the board, special portal tiles and even tiles that disappear once you have moved away from them!

Inspired by the classic games such as Othello, Checkers etc which require strategic movement of pieces across the board, jumping to capture or flip the enemy pieces, the idea for the game mechanics of ‘Fliplomacy’ was born.

The title of the game is a pun on Diplomacy. This is my simplified take on ‘diplomacy’ where you have to bring everyone on the same page and every move you make, could turn some pieces against you as well as turn some in your favour.

The visual style given to the game is such that the protagonist is given the role of an ‘Diplomat’ who is set out on a task to restore order to the board. Instead of capturing pieces, the game requires careful charting of path across the board to make all the pieces ‘agree’ with the Diplomat!

The tiles of the board are also designed to reflect the nature of a diplomat’s life. Some special tiles reflecting the nature of decisioning, which flip rows, columns or everything on the board. Special portal tiles to paint their travelling needs. ’Handshake’ tiles to finally seal the deal!

Each of the puzzles offers a special challenge to the player to not just finish it, but also try to finish it in the minimum number of steps!

With a non-intrusive soothing soundtrack playing in the background and 150 puzzles to solve, the game offers hours of challenging gameplay for the players.

Some key features:

✤ Unique gameplay which is inspired from classic games like Othello / Reversi, Checkers etc.
✤ One touch gameplay. Just swipe to move.
✤ 150 puzzles, all unlocked from start! Feel free to pick up any challenge!
✤ Three additional themes to unlock. Keep solving puzzles to unlock different themes!
✤ Leaderboards to let the players know how they are doing globally.