SPANGLED – When Tetris meets Match-3 (Video)

Singularity – Modern Lights, Into The Winds – Zen Flowers, Unforgiving and Think Shift, with 4 Apple front page featured games under the belt, Unexpect3rd Developments’ Edmund Ching is back with his 11th game, also his 6th puzzle game, SPANGLED.
Edmund Ching of Unexpect3rd Developments is back to try his hand again at creating another puzzle game. This time he takes on a popular puzzle game formula and decides to give Match-3 a challenging twist.
SPANGLED will have the player drop pairs of tiles onto a 6×5 board. Each tile consist of a pattern and a color. Tiles will be cleared when 3 or more of the same color or pattern lines up vertically, horizontally or diagonally. As tiles fills up the empty spaces, chains can be formed and be prepared for a series of flashy and colorful explosions, fit for this festive season.

The game currently contains 2 modes of play: Stage mode and Hiscore mode. In Stage mode, the player has to clear specific amount of certain patterned or colored tiles to proceed, an objective-based gameplay similar in many present day stage-based puzzle games. In Hiscore mode, players can potentially play endlessly by constantly clearing away tiles, preventing the board from filling up and get ranked on the leaderboard.
Most puzzle games had one mode or the other, Unexpect3rd looks to provide players with the best of both worlds: A sense of progression in Stage Mode and potentially an endless and highly replayable challenge in the form of Hiscore mode.

SPANGLED is currently available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store