Get Over Here for PS4

QUByte Interactive in partnership with Reload Game Studio announced the release of Get Over Here in the Americas (North and South America) in September 12th, 2017 for PS4TM.

About the game
“Get Over here” puts you in the shoes of a Reality Show contestant! This Reality Show is a bloody competition where you gotta pull your enemies using your hook Gun and finish them with your special move. If you are skillful enough to survive the tournament, beat all your enemies and dodge all the traps, you will be crowned the winner!

In GET OVER HERE, the player takes control of a character with a Hook Gun, your objective is to pull your foes or reach them and kill them off. Your score is related to the goals set for the arenas, which may be: Kills only, Lives, Kills minus Deaths and Kill Streak! The First one to reach the Goal or the one with highest score when time’s up gets the crown!


Key Features

  • Up to 4 players battle local!
  • 12 over the top, stylized characters!
  • 7 different studios filled with dangerous Traps.
  • Spice things up with SPECIAL ITEMS that may make or break your strategy!
  • Stunning finishing moves!
  • Play Modes:
    • Tournament: Face 4 rounds with different goals!
    • Quick Play: Practice against Bots or set the challenges for your friends in this One Round Mode.