Global launch of latest in Amateur Surgeon series

Great news for hobbyist surgeons – Dr. Bleed is back and ready to practice questionably legal surgery in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-generations!
Amateur Surgeon 4 is the latest in the classic series from Adult Swim Games and the debut title from Burke & Best: a sparkly new studio formed by games industry veterans in Canterbury, England.

The new game allows users to play through the entire history of improvised surgery in over 100 levels of slice and dice mayhem. Players can also connect via Facebook to challenge their friends in the Field Hospital or team up with an impressive (and often silly) array of unlock-able surgery partners to gain an edge.
The Amateur Surgeon series (originally created by London game studio Mediatonic) has entertained millions of players over the last decade. This instalment faithfully recreates the world whilst simultaneously updating and refining it in order to entertain a new generation of fans.
Chris Kempt, MD of Burke & Best said: “Taking-on an IP as well-loved as this one was, frankly, terrifying – I’m super-pleased that the team have been able to live-up to the standard set by Mediatonic and create a game with such a warm regard for its heritage at the same time as fantastic new features and an immense amount of new content”.
Paul Croft, Co-founder and Director of Mediatonic, said: “It’s been wonderful to see how our friends at B&B have embraced the franchise and taken it to a new level; I’m a big fan of the new game and their studio!”
Chris Johnston, Senior Games Producer, Adult Swim, said: “Being one of the original Adult Swim titles, there’s a lot of love here for the Amateur Surgeon Series. It’s been a pleasure to develop this with the team at B&B and I hope the our fans enjoy it just as much!”
You can download Amateur Surgeon 4 now on Google Play or the App Store to start operating on everything from sentient robots to stealth-impaired ninjas.