The Original RC Car Racing Game ‘ Re-Volt3 ’ Global Launch (Video)

Global launch of ‘Re-Volt3’, the latest version of the global No. 1 RC car racing game

Strengths include extensive content including 70 types of RC cars and 20 maps, as well as real time network play with users around the world    

WeGo INTERACTIVE Corp. (CEO: Roy Park) announced today that their RC car racing game ‘Re-Volt3’ has officially launched worldwide through the Google Play and Apple App Store.

‘Re-Volt3’ is the latest iteration of the ‘Re-Volt’ series which has over 50 million downloads worldwide. With a total of 70 types of RC cars designed with the latest graphics as well as over 20 life-like maps, gamers will be able to participate in even more realistic RC car racing. In addition, ‘Re-Volt3’ has added a new upgrade system, with 25 types of parts to collect and assemble to upgrade your RC car, which mirrors upgrading RC cars in real life.
‘Re-Volt3’ not only has a story mode based on scenarios, a limit race utilizing limited cars, and a grand prix mode where gamers can compete against users around the globe, but also new core content being a multi-play mode which allows real-time network play with players around the world.
CEO Roy Park of WeGo INTERACTIVE stated that “a lot of research and effort was made while preparing ‘ReVolt3’ in order to continue our reputation as the global No. 1 RC car racing game”, and that “I hope that not only old fans who remember the original series but also new gamers can all enjoy playing the game.”
To celebrate the global launch of ‘Re-Volt3’, a launching event will be held for one month. Generous event prizes will be provided through a 7 day daily login prize with game money and upgrade items, premium cards for clearing certain stages, as well as stage clear events where players can gain car pieces.
Further details on downloading ‘Re-Volt3’ and the launching event can be found in the Google Play and Apple App stores.