‘Sally’s Law’ released on the App Store and Google Play

Sally’s Law – the third major title from Nanali Studios, a South Korean Game developer whose previous titles Fruit Attacks and Timefish were featured in a combined 130 countries – has released worldwide on November 18th on both the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Earlier this year, Sally’s Law took home a Top-3 (Grand Prize) award at the Google Indie Game Festival 2016 and has more recently garnered attention following being approved by users into Steam’s Greenlight.

The game was also featured on both the App Store and Google Play Stores after its launch this past July on the Korean market. 

Sally’s Law is apparently when one has incredibly good luck, almost supernaturally so. Which pretty much puts it at the very opposite of Murphy’s Law.  The game ‘Sally’s Law’ was developed upon that very premise.

The game’s story follows along with a daughter who is beginning a journey to visit her critically ill father in his hometown. Throughout her travels, she encounters unbelievably good fortune, as a result of a secret helper. In a truly-unique game mechanic, Users first play from the daughter’s point of view, then immediately after play through the level from the father’s.