Go! Go! Meatball available now on Google Play

Finnish independent game developer Parta Games has released their debut game Go! Go! Meatball on Google Play, after a month of availability on the App Store. “We’ve gotten a lot of constructive feedback after launching the game on iOS and we’ve leveraged that into making the Android version of Go! Go! Meatball the definitive one to own. We’re also excited to have a big discount on both platforms celebrating the release of the Android version!.”, says company co-founder Antti Kolehmainen.

Go! Go! Meatball is available now on Google Play for $1.99 / 1.99€, and a 50% discount is applied during the first week of the release. Celebrating the Android release Go! Go! Meatball will also be discounted on the App Store by 50%!

About Go! Go! Meatball

Go! Go! Meatball is a hardcore runner-platformer inspired by the toughness and aesthetics of 80s and 90s NES games and the accessibility of today’s mobile hits. Sporting a retro pixel-art-look complete with chiptune soundtrack, only the most dedicated players have the skills to finish the game while gathering all coins. While challenge is definitely there everyone – regardless of skill level – is able to enjoy the rock-solid and rewarding gameplay! Go! Go! Meatball includes 30 levels in 3 distinct worlds, collectible hats and Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements. With a standard price of $1.99/1.99€ the game will not include any gameplay-hindering energy timers, hidden costs or in app purchases.

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