Ground Control Studios Releases Hyper Gods (Video)

The Porto indie studio has released Hyper Gods, which has become their second Steam title. The game will also be available for Xbox One during 2017, becoming the second Portuguese game reach the Microsoft Console.

According to the developer, the Windows PC game version will be released on Friday 7 October on both Steam and Humble Store. The Xbox One release is slated to early 2017.

Hyper Gods is an ultra-fast dogfighter that pits players against each other and against “Gods” who rule sections of the universe. The ultimate goal is to destroy or capture all the “Gods” and harness their power. Part from the combat feature set, Hyper Gods will also be debuting Sceelix, a procedural world generation engine, developed by a Portuguese startup with the same name and that will enable players to have truly large scenarios and environments for their combats.

The game will be released this Friday as an Early Access Title and the developer expects to complete the project in three to four months’ time. According to João Vinagre, lead-developer and creator of Hyper Gods , multiplayer and balancing are the main reasons for Early Access Release:

“Our main goal for the the Early Access programme is to improve the multiplayer component of the game. This means that the priority resides in ensuring that all ships and mechanics are well balanced and fair. This is where the community will play its part, providing input and feedback to help us deliver a fun, rewarding experience. We also would like to continuously improve our backend, so that players can have the most fluid gameplay, as the game is intended to be played.”

According to the developer, all the key-elements for gameplay are fully developed, so one part of the team will spend the next months focusing on balancing and tweaking the online experience, while another part focuses on the finalization of the remaining elements. The next goal after these two key-points are completed will be the Xbox One release.

“As it stands, it’s a bit like assembling Lego. We have developed all the individual bits and pieces for Hyper Gods , so now it is time to put them all together. We went for Early Access because it provided us with more flexibility while building the game on this stage.

The way we are approaching the project, this strategy, gives us more nimbleness and we are adjust to most of the community’s needs for the game and accommodate new elements. That is not easily accomplished if we have a completed and ready to ship game.” Says Rui Guedes, the game’s Producer.

Players can expect a constant flow of updates and improvements over the Early Access. Overall   Hyper Gods is expected to be divided into four main stages: First Roll-Out (release on Friday the 7th), first major update (Single Player module), second major update (Online multiplayer module) and the fourth which will be the Finishing module. In between there will be content updates, new game modes, new ships and plenty more additions to the Early Access. The developer will release a feature release calendar and also provide access to the public view of the project’s Trello.

“We want to have a very transparent project. Our players must see the game evolving and growing. Everyone that has ever been a player on an Early Access knows how important this is and we want to make sure we keep our players inside the loop. We also want them to be able to reach out and let us know their thoughts on the game.” Says João Vinagre, lead-developer and creator of Hyper Gods

“Hyper Gods Gameplay Trailer” featuring fully playable, in-game footage can be viewed here:
Hyper Gods will be available on Steam and Humble Store by Friday 7th October 2016.

Hyper Gods it’s the name of the multiplayer arcade game focused on sense of speed and dazzling space developed by Ground Control Studios. Imagine a combination of Luftrausers and Street Fighter, with spaceships and in space! Hyper Gods will be available on Friday 7 October on Steam and Humble Store. It will be released on Xbox One early 2017.