Guardian Stone expands and improves summoning! (Video)

Hangame, the publishing brand of NHN Entertainment USA, is releasing the newest update for Guardian Stone! Several new Guardians accompany this update along with dozens of new ways to level up and evolve them! Head to the Shard Dungeon, purchase Guardians using your valuable new Crystals, and receive more Rubies from clearing stages in the Campaign Mode!

Along with five new Guardians to add to your library of heroes, we’re also adding a new elemental system for simplified levelling up and evolution. Take these special Guardians and use them to increase your total power through levelling up or by evolving your Guardians into a greater form! Find these elemental Guardians in the single player campaign or in the Crystal Shop.

Receive Crystals from every special summon or convert your unwanted Guardians into crystals for use in the Crystal Shop. Use your Crystals to purchase everything you’ll need to level up and evolve your Guardians to their ultimate form! In addition to all of these helpful supplies, you’ll also find some limited time Guardians that can only be purchased form the Crystal Shop: the legendary swordsman, Shune; the delightfully strange, Prince Paul; and the madame of mystery, Destiny!

Not only will you find some unique Guardians in the Crystal Shop, but you’ll also be able to find rotating Guardians available in the Shard Dungeons! Challenge the Voidwalkers in a battle for the Shards of Guardians. Each Voidwalker holds several Guardian shards, but you’ll need to battle and beat them for a chance to collect the shards of your favorite Guardians.

■ Key Facts
•Title: Guardian Stone
•Genre: RPG, Adventure
•OS (Update Date): Android and iOS (April 21st, 2016)
•Pricing: Free (In-App Purchase)
•Audience: RPG Fantasy Adventure Fans!
•Developer: Delusion Studios
•Publisher: NHN Entertainment

■ Key Features
•Crystal Shop Open – Now you can purchase the supplies and Guardians you need with Crystals. The Guardians available in the Crystal Shop may rotate over time, but Shune, the Legendary Swordsman will always be available to those brave enough to summon him!
•Guardian Shard Dungeon – Battle the monstrous Voidwalkers in all of their forms to collect the shards of over 85 Guardians. The available shards from the dungeons will regularly rotate, so check in often and continue the battle.
•Quick Battle Refresh Faster – With Quick Battle refreshing faster, you can jump into the game at any time, and quickly rack up some victories against the monsters hiding in the dungeons.
•Elemental Guardians – Use the new elemental Guardians as a resource to level up and evolve your Guardians quickly and easily! Elemental Guardians are used as a valuable commodity to turn your favorite Guardians into your most powerful Guardians!
•Better Organization – Organize your shards, Guardians, and inventory to see exactly what you need much faster. We’re also reserving a separate location for all Guardian Shards, so they are no longer blocking up the inventory.
•First Clear Ruby Rewards – With the first clear Ruby Rewards, you’ll receive Rubies for every completed stage you win!
•Rune and Equipment Drop Rate Increased – No need to constantly grind and farm for the equipment and runes you need. There is an increased drop rate for Runes and Equipment!